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Welcome to Pugmarks - The Nature Club

Tanzania Bookings for June - September 2011 open now!
Register today. Visit our new website for all information on Tanzania.
Have you checked out our maldives trip in December 2010?
Visit our new website and check it now.
Do note that now onwards only our new website will be updated. So for Recent Updates Please visit our new website


Summer Camps:
1.  Kaziranga National Park - Assam
     12 - 16 February 2010     Camp 1 (camp full. Thank you)
     26 - 30 March 2010         Camp 2
2. Manas National Park - Assam
    16 - 19 Febraury 2010         Camp 1 (camp full. Thank U)
    30 March - 2 April 2010     Camp 2
3. Ranthambhore Forest Reserve - Rajasthan
    09 - 14 April 2010        Camp 1
    16 - 21 April 2010        Camp 2
4. Sasan Gir Forest Reserve - Gujarat
    23 - 28 April 2010       Camp 1
    08 - 13 May 2010        Camp 2
5. Kanha National Reserve - Madhya Pradesh
    01 - 06 May 2010       Camp 1
    15 - 20 May 2010       Camp 2
6. Pugmarks Special Trip to Jim Corbett National Reserve - UttarKhand
    14 - 19 May 2010 (Luxury Safari Camp)
7. Bandhavgarh National Reserve - Madhya Pradesh
     03 - 07 April 2010       Camp 1
    22 - 27 May 2010       Camp 2
8. Tadoba Andhari National Reserve - Maharashtra
    11 - 16 June 2010
Click here for tadoba trip details- http://www.pugmarksthenatureclub.com
Diwali 2010 International Camp:
1.  Wild Wild Kenya Diwali 2010 - Kenya
     15  - 24 Oct 2010
Bookings on for all camps. Book Now!
Train bookings start before 90 days. To avoid vacation rush please book your seat in advance. Don't Wait, Book Now!!!
Click this picture for more details
Kenya August 2010 Trip with Pugmarks



Download the Pugmarks Enrolment Form

Our trip to Bandipur, Karnataka in October 2009 was a gr8 success. Thank you all 25 people who made it successful. Pictures of the trip have been posted on Orkut. Check them out now!

River Gate Resort - Karjat
River Gate Resort
Click this Picture for complete details

THANKS to 45 people for making our Kanha Summer Trip Successful. Pictures of the same have been uploaded on Orkut. We saw many animals and the jungle was beautiful. We saw a tigress and her cub eating a breakfast of deer. We also chased a male tiger from the back of an elephant. Check the pics now!

Tiger at Ranthambhore, Rajasthan
The undisputed King of the Jungle

Book domestic trips by paying Rs.5000/- Advance.
Non Members of Pugmarks can also join on all our trips by paying the Rs.200/- more than members.
Our trip to Rajasthan, Ranthambhore in December 2008 was a gr8 success. Thank you all 29 people who made it successful.
pics of the trip have been posted. Check out the link given below!

Our Sasan Gir Trip in June 2008 Was A Gr8 Success.
Thank you all of you (35 people) who made this possible.
Pics of the trip are posted on our orkut site. Check them now...
Click Pic for Ranthambhore Dec08 Trip Pictures
Tigers - Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

Click the Lion to Watch our Sasan Gir Trip Pics
Sasan Gir
Click the Lion to Watch our Sasan Gir Trip Pics

Dear Friend/s,

We at Pugmarks, invite you all for an exciting, enchanting, thrilling and learning experience to be one with the Nature.

Understand the intricacies and laws of nature. Know all about the rules of the Jungle. Know your surroundings, become familiar with nature and meet the king of the jungle – The Tiger (Tigŕe) in his own habitat in India and the world.

Regular trips and camps, regular jungle expeditions, wild life safaris, bird watching camps, treks, nature awareness programs, environmental issue tackling, helping nature survive and much more awaits you when you become a part of Pugmarks.

Environment recognizing, learning to live in symbiosis with the other plants, birds and animals who share this planet with us and being the one to begin the change that can help us all live better is also what you will learn when you become a part of Pugmarks.

Children who join Pugmarks will learn about their environment, learn to love and take care of nature, learn responsibility and will mature into responsible and nature loving and planet loving adults.

Adults who join Pugmarks will learn to appreciate the value of natural resources and the other living beings on our planet, learn to conserve and love nature and be responsible for helping the earth survive longer thereby helping us live longer.

Let’s all make our planet Earth a better home for all of us. Let’s start with ourselves.

Change begins with you.

Early Bird Offer: Enrolment Fee will be charged at a flat rate of Rs.100/- for the first 50 Members.

Limited Membership


Submit your form today!!

Team: Tigŕe – Chote Sher Age group: 13 yrs to 19 yrs

Membership Fees: One time enrolment fee: Rs. 250/-

Yearly Membership fee: Rs. 250/-

Team: Tigŕe – The Sher Age group: 20 yrs onwards

Membership Fees: One time enrolment fee: Rs. 350/-

Yearly Membership fee: Rs. 350/-

Please note: All Trips/Camps/Expeditions/Safaris/Programs will be charged extra at subsidized rates.


We also undertake outdoor activities for corporates.

We also help you customise an eco holiday for you.

Please get in touch with Chintan for our outbound corporate programs.

Do Visit our Eco tour Webiste http//:pugmarks.webs.com


We are also listed on www.orkut.com under the community: Pugmarks – The Nature Club.

To view the 'Pugmarks - The Nature Club' community page, visit: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=34675691

Website1: http://pugmarksthenatureclub.tripod.com

Website2: http://www.pugmarksthenatureclub.com

C/o: 8, ShankarChhaya, M.G.Rd, Ghatkopar E, Mumbai – 77.

Dr. Sameer: +91-93244-94247 Mr. Chintan: +91-93222-17949

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The Tiger - The King of the Jungle

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No refund will be possible once payment is done.
Pugmarks - The Nature Club
Contact: Dr. Sameer: +91-93244-94247,
Mr. Chintan: +91-93222-17949
Email: pugmarksthenatureclub@gmail.com


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